Product Type:SC, OD, car paint, marine paint, printing ink, furniture paint, pigment etc

Brand Name:ZHIMO (Root group branch company)

Place of Origin:China


Content:ZrO2 80%; Al2O3 9%; SiO2 11%


Product Overview:
80 Zirconia beads : the content of zirconium in the beads is approximately 80% and so it is usually called “80 Zirconium”. Compare with 95% zirconia beads, the cost of 80 Zirconia is lower and compared with 65% zirconia the grinding effect much better and wear rate much lower. So it is very popular in the market.

(1) High strength and hardness;

(2) High density;

(3) Good spherical degree;

(4) High Wear-resisting property;

(5) Smooth surface,easy clean,Reduce the internal friction between beads and improve the material flow efficiency

Contents Zirconia beads
Chemical composition ZrO2 80%; Al2O3 9%; SiO2 11%
Density 5.5g/m³
Stacking density 3.3g/m³
Wear rate per ton 0.05kg/h
Moh’s hardness Class 9
Color Milk white
Package 25kg/barrel