Product Type:SC, OD, car paint, marine paint, printing ink, furniture paint, pigment etc

Brand Name:ZHIMO (Root group branch company)

Place of Origin:China


Content:ZrO2 95%, Y2O3 5%


Product Overview:
Yttrium stabilized zirconia beads: the content of zirconia in the beads is approximately 95% so it is usually called “95 Zirconium” or “Pure zirconia beads”. With the rare earth yttrium oxide as stabilizer and the raw material of high whiteness and fineness, there will be no pollution to the grinding material.

(1) High strength and hardness;

(2) High density;

(3) Good spherical degree;

(4) High Wear-resisting property;

(5) Smooth surface,easy clean,Reduce the internal friction between beads and improve the material flow efficiency

Contents Zirconia beads
Chemical composition ZrO2>95%
Density 5.95-6.05g/m³
Stacking density 3.75g/m³
Wear rate per ton 0.03kg/h
Moh’s hardness Class 9
Color Milk white
Package 25kg/barrel