Tech. Parameters:

Product Category:Common Chemicals (without hazard property)
Customs HS Code: 6909.1200.00
Core Function: Served as Grinding Medium when using grinding machine
Bead Dia.Size Range:1-60mm
Chemical Composition: ZrO2(95%), Y2O3(5%)
Real Density: 6.05g/cm3
Bulk Density: 65g/cm3
MOHS Hardness: Level 9
Wear Rate/Ton:01kg per hour
Product Appearance: White Bead
Package: 25.00 kg per barrel
MOQ: 1.00 kg (1 barrel is recommeded)


ROOT Group Brand Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia Beads, the content of zirconia in the beads is approximately 95% so it is usually called “95 Zirconium” or “Pure zirconia beads”. With the rare earth yttrium oxide as stabilizer and the raw material of high whiteness and fineness, there will be no pollution to the grinding material.

Product Features:
High Hardness
The raw materials are made of ultra-fine Nano-pure zirconium powder with 3Y tetragonal crystal phase; coupled with advanced rolling and titration forming technology; and finally with the unique multi-stage temperature-controlled sintering technology to ensure the high hardness and strength of the product.

Low Wear Rate
We use high quality zirconium powder imported from Australia, which is low in impurities, making the product more corrosion resistant and naturally less abrasive.

High Roundness
The use of advanced rolling and titration forming technology initially guarantees the roundness of the balls; secondly, in the sieving process, the sieving technology with independent intellectual property rights is used to eliminate the few deformed balls, which completely ensures the high roundness of the shipped products.

High Quality Uniformity
The quality of raw materials is strictly controlled through incoming inspection, and parameters such as impurity content, particle size and specific surface area must meet ROOT’s high quality control requirements; secondly, the fully automatic control of the tunnel kiln is used to increase the hot air convection function compared to other kilns to ensure consistent temperature


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