Product Overview:
Conical Screw Mixer (also named Nauta Mixer, cone screw mixer, vertical screw mixer) consists of two screws located at the vessel wall that conveys product from the bottom of the conical vessel to the top. The screw is attached to an arm which rotates around the perimeter of the vessel causing convective mixing and shear. The particles at the surface opposite the screw accelerate downward in a mass flow by gravity as the diameter of the vessel decreases. The three actions result in a unique three dimensional mixing action.

1. Wide application for mixture, good adaptability of mixing of coarse/fine grain, super-fine powder, fibre or sheet material;
2. Seal-head type or flat lid for option, vacuumize type or positive pressure types according to process requirement;
3. With jacket or coil to heatiing and use heat insulation for external according to process requirement;
4. Installed outlet valve at the bottom to control material and discharging;
5. Working with dust collector, feeding machine and other system.
6. It can be used with dust catcher, appending machine or other systems;
7. Material of carbon steel, sus304, sus316 or others for option;
8. Non-standards, and it can be customized as per clients’ requests.