Product Overview:
ROOT Group popular industrial grade three roller mill is widely applied in all types of institute experiment sand trail production of paint, printing ink, cosmetics, rubber, soap, high viscosity pulp, ceramic,lubrication oil, adhesion and grinding paste slurry etc.

Purpose & Performance:
1.1 The S series three roller mill

Three roller mill is widely used in milling paste material including paint, inks, China ink, pigment, coatings, food, cosmetic and so on.(Not applicable for roller corrosion material). It is also used in cable material, artificial plastics, soap and pencil core material. It become the key equipment for those industry.

1.2 The roller material is made up of cold hard alloy centrifugal casting. The cold hard alloy thickness is between 15 and 25mm, hardness is between HS 68-75. The roller is grinding on convex grinder, the effective working surface is a bit convex. During the milling process, because of hard roller and thermal expansion and contraction, it can compensate automatically so as to improve machine life, also improve the material accuracy and efficiency. For normal material, as its original fineness and hardness, it can be milled once, twice and even more times till it reaches requirement(Normally between 3 and 18 micron as gauge measured).

1.3 The SG series three roller mill

This series machine is improved based on same machine both in domestic and overseas market and end user production practice. It’s made up of good quality steel sheet welding to have nice looking, easy operation, lower labor strength, higher machine strength and longer life.

This series machine is equipped with latest chain transmission technology in international market. The gear is dipped inside lubricating oil so as to extend the machine life to max. extent. It also reduce the noise and energy consumption. The gasket part is imported. S series Three roll mill is equipped with top adjusting roller structure, while SG series Three roll mill is equipped with gear adjusting structure, easier and convenient and more stable operation. The water temperature display is available at both inlet and outlet to make sure the material temperature keep stable and good quality available. Cooling water recycling device or roller heating device are available as customer request. The material outlet hopper is made up of stainless steel. The machine is coated with solvent resistance paint to keep gloss.

1.4 The SGX series three roller mill

This series machine is based on the SZ and SQ model series and combines the advantages of the SG imitation imported three-roller grinder with improvements. The main advantage is that the external reducer is built into the gearbox of the machine, allowing the entire gear to be immersed in lubricating oil. It not only saves floor space and installation trouble, but also saves energy and reduces the repair/maintenance costs of the machine. It makes it possible to process a greater range of viscosity of materials. It is ideal for high viscosity and high hardness materials such as pencil cores, silicone rubber, blue bubbles, shot blue pulp, etc.

Note: Not applicable for the material which may corrode the roller.
Working Theory
The gap between fast, middle and slow roller can be adjusted as customer products accuracy requirement, and then start machine, feed the material between two copper blade and middle and slow roller. The material can be transferred to fast roller after squeezed and rubbed between middle and slow roller. The outlet blade which stick tightly to the fast roller surface will collect the products and flow to the products tank via outlet plate to form a milling cycling.

Machine Structure
The machine is made up of machine base, cover, roller bearing, feeding copper blade, outlet plate, cooling system, transmission gear and driving wheel. The six set of bearing base of fast, middle and slow roller is supported by two set of lead rail in machine base. The middle roller bearing base is fixed with machine base and cover and can’t move. The fast and slow roller bearing base are located on two set of lead rail, controlled by wheel spring and can move front and back to meet material milling accuracy requirement.

4.1 The transmission parts:

The motor will drive the transmission shaft via triangular belt, the transmission gear will drive fast roller gear, another gear on fast roller will drive middle roller gear, another gear on middle roller will drive slow roller gear. This is the whole transmission system.

4.2 The roller parts:

The roller is made up of cold hard alloy by centrifugal casting( S65 roller is Gcr15). The shaft head on both side of the roller is equipped with shrink fit cold pressure forming, so that it can mate with roller very firmly and stably.

4.3 The feeding parts:

It’s made up of two piece of copper blade and support frame. They are installed between the effective working arc of slow and middle roller, mainly collect the overflow material between three rollers. The support frame can fix the copper blade and adjust the copper arc mating with the roller surface to prevent material overflow, and take out the copper blade for cleaning.

4.4 The cooling parts:

To reduce the heat created during the roller squeezing and friction when milling material and keep stable roller surface contact, there are cooling water pipe equipped at one side of machine to control the cooling water flowing inside the three rollers so as to keep the roller in best working condition, and improve milling accuracy and efficiency. The cycling water will flow to sewer via water reservoir.

4.5 The adjusting parts:

It includes spring between bearing base and hand wheel on four piece of adjusting screw. The spring will be compressed or ejected by turning hand wheel so as to move the fast and slow roller front and back, to adjust the milling material accuracy.

4.6 The outlet parts:

The outlet plate is installed on support frame, the scraper is installed on outlet plate, the scraper can be stuck tightly to fast roller surface by adjusting bolt. The knife-edge of scraper shall be a bit higher than roller center so as to collect the finished products smoothly from the fast roller surface.

The Operation of Machine
When the machine is finished installation and trial operation without loading to confirm everything is fine, the following shall be paid attention:

5.1 Before operation:

Check the roller surface cleaning and enough lubricant grease in lubricant placement. Fast and slow roller shall be loosen with middle roller. The knife-edge of scraper shall be right position.

5.2 In the course of operation:

Start the machine, set the fast and slow roller to some position slowly (For example the distance between fast/slow roller and middle roller shall be around 0.5mm when the material is soap or pencil core), feed the material, then set roller again precisely as accuracy requirement. If the material is something like paste material with color,(For example paint, ink, coating, pigment) the color shall be same on roller surface normally when the roller set well. Or the color is light in roller center and dark at the both sides are also normal. Set the scraper when the roller is set well. The material milling process is realized by squeezing and friction between fast/slow roller and middle roller. The fast roller can also take out the finished products. The different rotation speed of three rollers will have different line speed and abrasion of roller surface. It’s seriously prohibited to squeeze and rub roller without loading.

5.3 If the product is small in middle part of roller while thick at the both sides, please increase the cooling water flowing. The roller surface will become flat shortly when rub and create heat. After that, reduce the cooling water flowing. In the final analysis, the cooling water shall be controlled based on actual production. Make attention, it’s seriously prohibited to operate without cooling water. When the heat accumulated on roller surface to some extent, the roller surface will transform or scaling so that the machine can’t operate any more.

5.4 It’s seriously prohibited to mill any material with corrosion (Except stainless steel roller and granite roller).

5.5 It’s important to adjust the gap between roller and keep cooling water flowing. The roller heat expansion is different and may break motor and cause accident.

5.6 The feeding copper blade can’t be pressed too tightly, the lubricant is necessary for the contacting arc. The roller working length can be adjusted as actual production request. One piece of paper can be put between copper blade support frame and cover to reduce the friction and reduce the temperature at the both side of roller.

5.7 Make sure the bearing temperature increase shall be no more than 35℃ during normal operation.

5.8 After operation:

Loose roller, copper blade and outlet plate, clean it and take corrosion measures. It’s seriously prohibited to clean roller tightly without load.

The Lubrication & Maintenance of Machine
For the S series machine:

Open the gear box oil cover to add grease on joggle face. Once a week normally to protect gear.
There is enough grease inside bearing base before delivery. It’s not necessary to add grease when start operation. It’s necessary to add grease by oil cup or pressure mouth after one month
The grease is frequently added in adjusting screw, fast/slow roller bearing base and lead rail to prevent abrasion.
Heavy repair shall be carried out after half year continuous operation. Dismantle all the part and clean it. Add new grease and check the oil flowing situation. Resolve the problem immediately if any.
If the roller is concave in the middle part, surface scaling or distortion, stop operation immediately and repair roller.
If the roller have been repaired too many times and roller diameter is less than nominal diameter, the gear will push out so that the gap between roller become large and milling result is not good. The gear must be repaired to reduce pitch diameter.
The knife edge of outlet blade shall be polished smoothly. The spine and fissure is not allowed. When the blade is shorten, loosen the bolt of blade to move it outward. The hardness of new blade shall be around 30HRC and 40HRC if replace .
Grease shall be coated on roller surface to prevent stain or pinhole and break down if the machine didn’t operate for long time. Heavy repair shall be carried out before new operation to prevent accident.
Please turn the water valve lower (It means the cooling water flowing is too much) if it flows inside. Also loosen the water outlet bolt to release the water inside the gearbox, and make outlet water piper wider.
For the SG & SGX series:

The machine gear is equipped with blocking lubrication structure. The industry gear oil shall be added in transmission part which is preferred as half of oil gauge to prevent oil flying. There is enough grease inside bearing base before delivery and no necessary to add more before operation. New grease shall be added by lubricating gun when operation over 120 hours.
Lubrication oil shall be added once per shift in transmission shaft.
The Others are basically same as the S series machine.
The Installation & Trial Operation of Machine
7.1 The installation:

Prepare the foundation as ordered machine foundation drawing. We suggest customer prepare foundation for SM405 and other machine is not necessary. Prepare the square hole for foundation bolt, lift the machine over ground when the foundation is almost dry, Push the foundation bolt cross machine bolt hole, then put into the square hole on the ground, slowly put down the machine, and check the horizontal level by air level. Put cement into square hole and clean the ground. Fasten the bolt when cement dry. Note: Machine must be connected with ground electrode to prevent electric shock.

7.2 The operation:

Prepare everything before trial operation, clean all the grease and impurity attached on the machine. Make sure no potential risk before trial operation. Keep the copper blade and outlet plate some distance from roller surface, then start trial operation. During the trial operation, the bearing temperature increase normally, the transmission gear joggle well and no noise. The move and rotation shall be normal. Then test performance.. Turn on the cooling water supply, set the correct gap between fast/slow roller and middle roller, charge some dark color paste material for easy check roller surface. Then set the gap narrower slowly. Normally, it’s satisfied if the roller surface color keep same or a bit light in the middle part of roller. Then test the material accuracy by gauge. Start official production when everything normal.

The Maintenance & Dismantle Procedures of Machine
8.1 Roller bearing dismantle

a) Loose hand wheel and roller, take off the belt cover and upper dust cover;

b) Take out the copper blade after loosen the support frame bolt, take away outlet plate rod and take out outlet plate.

c) Take off the machine cover, take away the plastic pipe on cooling pipe, loosen the cooling pipe frame and take out the cooling water pipe inside roller.

d) Dismantle the gear from roller shaft by universal chuck, take out washer after loosen the roller bearing base plate. Dismantle the bearing base from roller shaft by universal chuck.

e) Take out the bearing from bearing base by sleeve.

Note: Averagely hit the bearing outside when install the bearing and bearing base onto roller shaft. If the bearing base come inside too much, just take out the bearing base a bit by universal chuck.

8.2 Dismantle transmission shaft bearing.

a) Loosen the hand wheel and roller, take off the belt cover and upper dust cover.

b) Take out the copper blade after loosen the support frame bolt, take away outlet plate rod and take out outlet plate.

c) Take off the machine cover, take away the plastic pipe on cooling pipe, loosen the cooling pipe frame and take out the cooling water pipe inside roller.

d) Loosen the transmission shaft hold-down plate at the both sides of shaft.

Grinding roller material: chilled hard alloy/ceramic
Roller distance adjustment: hand wheel
Srapper material: chilled hard alloy or plastic
Cooling system: Yes