Tech. Parameters

  1. Volume: 400L
  2. Power: 315KW
  3. Materials of Inner Chamber Component: Silicone Carbide
  4. Materials of Outer Chamber Component: SS304 Stainless Steel
  5. Driving Style: Turbo Drive Principle
  6. Materials of Rotor Component: Ceramic
  7. Max. Line Speed: 15m per second
  8. Operation Control: PLC+Touch Screen
  9. Pump Component: 3″ Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump



Model No.: RTSM-400CJ

Product Features:  

(1) When the equipment is running, there will be high, medium, and low energy areas formed inside the grinding chamber, with different energy densities in different areas. The product after grinding has a better shape and a large specific surface area;

(2) Special spiral rotor structure, gentle bead pulling energy will not damage the molecular material structure similar to carbon nanotubes, and the product performance is stable;

(3) Patent mechanical seal design, long service life of mechanical seal; The mechanical seal can use solvent as the sealing medium, even if there is leakage, it will not pollute the material;

(4) The recipe process can be imported and exported, and it is easy to start with one click;

(5) The discharge device is designed reasonably, the screen surface can be self-cleaning, and the screen has a long service life;

(6) Application field: conductive agent.


Product Overview




Applicable Industries:

(1) Conductive agent production line

(2) Bead mill, sand mill, media mill, industrial grinding machine equipment