Product Overview:
ROOT double-drive series sand mill with patented netless centrifugal separation, models from 30-60-90-150L, suitable for pilot development and large-scale mass production, grinding media can reach below 0.1mm, special rotor structure material and cylinder design, can grind nano-silicon to below 80nm, which greatly improves the production capacity and efficiency and solves the industry’s centrifugal separation leakage of beads of the pain point.

Product Features:
1. There is no screen components for this machine, it can use grinding media ≤0.05mm, suitable for grinding materials with fineness<100nm.
2. Centrifugal separator structure plus special filter design, no bead leakage during operation.
3. Slit type grinding structure, high energy density, reasonable material flow channel, high grinding efficiency and uniform particle size distribution.
4. Patented machine seal design, long service life of machine seal, its mechanical seal can use solvent as sealing medium, even thoughthere is leakage, it will not contaminate the material anyway.
5. Formulation process can be imported and exported freely, just 1-key to start it, very easy and comfortable operation.
6. The rotor design has been simulated and verified by many practicable operations, with more collisions between grinding media and grinding media, less collisions between grinding media and rotor, less collisions between grinding media and granding chamber, high grinding efficiency, excellent control of material temperature and low energy consumption.
7. Application areas: Grinding of silicon and carbon Nano materials for new energy batteries.