Application:Recommended Application Industry:

Sample production of various products or new product development.

Tech. Parameters:
Model No. RTSM-0.08BJD
Volume: 0.08L
Power: 1.1KW
Materials of Inner Chamber Component: Silicone Carbide
Materials of Outer Chamber Component: SS304 Stainless Steel
Grinding Principle: Pin Type
Materials of RotorComponent: Ceramic
Highest Line Speed: 7.5m per second
Materials of Screen Component: SS304 Stainless Steel
Operation Control: Button Control
Mechanical Seal Style: Double-end Container Type
Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump: Peristatic PumpType

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  • Parameters:
  • Model No. RTSM-400BJP
  • Volume: 400L
  • Power: 355KW
  • Inner Grinding Chamber Material: Silicone Carbide
  • Outer Grinding Chamber Material: SS304 Stainless Steel
  • Grinding Structure: Pin Type
  • Rotor Material: SS304 Stainless Steel+PP
  • Highest Lining Speed: 14.5m/s
  • Operation Method: PLC+Touch Screen
  • Penumatic Diaphragm Pump: 3-inch Penumatic Diaphragm Pump

Product Features:
1. The equipment only needs 180 ml of material for a single experiment, which saves experimental costs and suitable for developing new products;

2. Cleaning can be completed in less than 5 minutes;

3. It adopts a humanized design. Frequently disassembled parts can be quickly installed, and disassembly can be completed in 5 minutes;

4. Minimum 0.1mm grinding zirconium beads can be used;

5. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, and convenient handling;

6. The operation box and main equipment are integrated for convenient operation.