Product Overview:
Product Introduction:

ROOT Group brand high-speed vertical disperser (also known as paint dispersing machine)is widely applied in lots of dispersing wet paste chemicals such as paint, ink, dye, adhesion, ceramic glaze, magnetic recording materials etc. Our high speed disperser is an excellent solution for mixing, dispersing and dissolving. It has been quite welcome by factory/manufacturing/plant owners worldwide.

Working Principle:

The disc is disc-shapes, with equidistance with up and down at its eddge. Slant height at axial makes pushing action and produces non-uniform flow to material when dispersing (viscosity shearing force caused by velocity contrast). Disc runs at high and stable speed, produces shearing and crashing force to materials. In normal operation, rotation of disc forms rolling circulation of materials, and disc can be partially seen which indicates that max mechanical energy has input materials. Materials can get full circulating and stirring with the continuous rotation of disc. Granulating at material surface will drop to the circulation bottom, forming a 2.5-5 cm turbulence flow at the edge of disc. Materials at this district will bear strong shearing and crashing force, highly dispersing performance.

Main shaft material: SS304 stainless steel
Disc material: SS304 stainless steel
Bearing: NSK, Japan
Application viscosity: 0-10000 cps
Blades type: saw tooth disc
Clamping mode: Belt/Manual/Pneumatic type
Lifting mode: Hydraulic lifting
Cover: Optional
Moveable Tank: Optional

(1) High and stable rotation speed in order to improve the effect of dispersing and mixing;

(2) Different kinds of mixing impeller for optional;

(3) Infinitely speed variation and digital display;

(4) Multi-structure, adapted to different material condition;

(5) Hydraulic lifting, easy for operation and maintenance;