Product Overview:
Root high shear mixer is widely applied in dispersing paste such as pesticide SC, OD, SL, EW, cosmetics, food etc. High shear mixer has the properties of high speed mixing, dispersing, size reduction, dissolving, homogenizing and emulsifying.

Main shaft material: SS304 material
High shear head material: SS304 material
Bearing: NSK, Japan
Application viscosity: 0-10000cps
Blades type: claw type stator and rotor high shear head
Clamping mode: Belt/Manual/Pneumatic type
Lifting mode: Hydraulic lifting
Cover: Optional

(1) Rotors and stators are forged pieces, well and tightly matched
(2) Double direction suction to disperse and shear material more efficiently
(3) Stable operation, low noise, easy cleaning and continuous running
(4) Vacuum/Pressure/EX-proof tyep for customized