Application:RTSM-BD series can widely be applied in high viscous material grinding, especially for printing ink, oil-based SC and paint etc. The material viscosity range coud be 0-8000cps


Product Type:SC, OD, organic pigment, TiO2, pigment paste, dye, water-based printing ink etc


Product Type:SC, OD, car paint, marine paint, printing ink, furniture paint, printing ink etc

Brand Name:ROOT

Place of Origin:China

Warranty:1 year free maintenance

Voltage:380V 50HZ 3PH


Product Overview:
RTSM-BD series industrial dynamic pin type sand mill is widely used in micron grade, sub-micron grade and nano grade grinding. The series of sand mill use dynamic discharging, able to handle material with middle or high viscosity material.

Rotor type: Pin type
Discharge mode: Dynamic discharge
Rotor material: Hard alloy
Inner chamber material: Hard alloy
Outer chamber material:SS304
Mechanical Seal: Double end assembly type
Transportation pump: ARO pneumatic diaphragm pump
Grinding media:95% zirconai beads

Model Chamber Volume (L) Power (KW) Media Size (mm) Weight (KG) Dimension (mm)
RTSM-30BD 30 37 0.8-3.0 1500 2050x1250x1750
RTSM-50BD 50 45 0.8-3.0 1800 2050x1250x1750