The 2023 International Agrochemical Products Exhibition (ACE)

Exhibition Highlights

The highly anticipated 2023 International Agrochemical Products Exhibition (ACE 2023) opened grandly at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall today. The theme of this conference is “forge ahead, innovate and lead, create new advantages for the development of the industry, forge ahead bravely, strengthen the foundation and consolidate the foundation, and link the Xintiandi of global agrochemical industry”. The exhibition area is nearly 50000 square meters, with over 700 domestic and foreign exhibitors participating, and the total number of visitors is expected to exceed 50000. This exhibition aims to actively promote cooperation and information exchange between production enterprises in the upstream and downstream industrial chains of pesticide and fertilizer production – raw material supply, raw drug and intermediate production, formulation processing, pesticide additives, packaging equipment, new fertilizers, agricultural machinery, environmental protection, etc. – and promote the expansion of domestic and foreign markets for enterprises.


Exhibition site


Root style

As a leader in the production equipment of nano pesticide formulations, Root Group was invited to attend this international agricultural and chemical product exhibition and made a significant appearance with RTSM-60CJ turbo disc sanding machine and RTSM-0.5BJD laboratory sanding machine.
RTSM-60CJ has high grinding efficiency, high energy utilization rate, good material temperature control, and is suitable for low melting point products. The particle size control is uniform, and the product consistency is good, especially suitable for fine grinding and efficient grinding of nano pesticides. RTSM-0.5BJD is suitable for small-scale and pilot projects, with a minimum of 0.1mm grinding medium. Products with mature formula and process can be ground to the nanoscale, with a maximum filling rate of 88% and a maximum linear speed of 15.8m/s. It has a large space for process adjustment and is suitable for grinding multiple types of products.


Rute booth

Root’s advanced products and technology, as well as industry-leading academician workstations, have attracted many attendees to stop and watch. The booth is bustling with visitors who come to inquire and learn, all praising Root’s products and services!

Exciting Collection

Exciting moments on site

The three-day exhibition is currently in full swing, and Rute Group is looking forward to your visit at booth 2B22 of H2 Pavilion. We look forward to discussing the development trends and future of the pesticide industry with you!

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