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Our team is full of enthusiasm and passion, full of love and pursuit of work, they are constantly learning and growing, constantly challenging and breaking through themselves, they dare to try new things, face challenges and difficulties, and pursue excellence and success. The coverage rate of ROOT team members with bachelor degree or above is as high as 42%, which is a team of talents with high quality and ability.

One of the leading enterprises in the fine chemical equipment industry

Founded in 2012, ROOT Group is one of the leading enterprises in the fine chemical equipment industry, consisting of ROOT lntelligenceand Zhaoyuan New Materals With the core values of gratitude, integrity, rigor and innovation”, ROOT Group has been providing customers in various industries with high-quality products and attentive services.
Focusing on high-end intelligent equipment and inteligent factory turnkey services, ROOTCH is always committed to becoming a double-class enterprise in the core intelligent equipment manufacturing and intelligent factory in the global fine chemical and new materiafields!
To mill new materials to nano zirconia, nano alumina, etc. as a product entry point over the years to continue to new material field ofhorizontal and vertical extension, committed to become the new materials in the field of nano platform type enterprise!

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    1) High grinding efficiency
    2) Stable performance
    3) Humanized operation and thoughtful design
    4) High-efficiency cooling system
    5) Easy to clean and maintain.
    Regardless of the differences between different models and brands of bead mills, the key factors affecting the efficiency and quality of bead mills are as follows:
    1) The particle size and surface finish of the grinding beads
    2) Density and hardness of grinding beads
    3) The influence of grinding bead filling rate on grinding efficiency
    4) The influence of cooling water temperature on grinding efficiency
    5) The flow rate of the material to be ground
    1. The flow rate of the bead mill
    2. Stirring axis speed
    3. The specific gravity of the medium
    4. Medium size
    5. Medium filling rate

    For liquid printing ink, there are several base and several types with different viscosity and different requirements for the finish product size. If customer does water-based printing ink with finer particle size requirement such as less than 5micron or even 2 or 3 microns, they can select RTSM-AD or RTSM-AJ series bead mill. If customer do printing ink with high viscosity such as offset ink, they can select RTSM-AD or RTSM-BD horizontal bead mill machine and must use steel ball as  the grinding media. If customer requires particle size less than 10micron only not high viscous printing ink,we can use RTSM-AD or RTSM-ADL series as they will help to save the cost of the bead mill. 

    Main motor drives the main shaft to operate at high speed. The rotor under high speed rotation will take the zirconia bead to move at high speed and form strong impact,abrasion and shear force to the material. Under the function of strong shearing force,the large particle size material will be sufficiently dispersed and ground. The equipment has adopted reliable mechanical sealing with long durability. Grinding chamber is entirely closed,avoiding the air to come inside the chamber,preventing generation of bubbles and ventilation. This series of mill has adopted static filter screen as main discharging devices. All filter screen is made with high precision and uses high wear resistance material, avoiding the block of the filter screen and abrasion.

    Disc type bead mill is micron and sub-micron grade horizontal bead mill machine. Limited by its disc type structure, the energy generated inside the grinding chamber is smaller, therefore the particle size is not possible to be ground to nano grade.

    Pin type bead mill machine is nano grade bead mill. Due to the structre of pin type bead mill, the energy generated by pin type bead mill is higher, so it has better shearing force than disc type bead mill.

    Currently Root has 7 series and more than 50 models of bead mills for sale. The seven series are RTS M-LAB series for laboratory research or small batch production usage. RTSM-AD, disc type dynamic bead mill, for 5-20micron grinding. RTSM-AJ, disc type static bead mill machine, for 1-20micron grinding. RTSM-BD pin type dyanamic bead mill, for high viscous material grinding. RTSM-BJ pin type static bead mill, for 0.5-20micron grinding. RTSM-BJD ceramic bead mill, for 0.1-20micron grinding, able to be made to GMP standard. 

    The common spare parts for bead mill are grinding rotor, discharge screen or dyanmic & static rings, mechanical seal. Usually, when customer purchase the bead mill, we suggest to purchase one set of common spare parts of bead mill as standby parts. At the same time, our storage warehouse will also store the parts and when customer needs, we will sell to customer at reasonable price. 

    Horizontal bead mill machine, also called as pearl mill, uses the zirconia bead/pearl as the grinding media to grind the big particle size to micron or nano grade. Bead mill is a kind of wet grinding machine, so the material it can handle is liquid or paste form. The commonly products the bead mill machine can be applied are Pesticide, Paint, Digital printing ink, sublimation ink, pigment, titanium dioxide, carbon black, zirconia material, color slurry, ceramic ink, glass ink, disperse dye, food, pharmaceutical material, paper coating material, MLCC etc

    For Root horizontal bead mill, we need to use 95% high purity zirconia beads as grinding media. In this case, it will give good working energy on the particles and crush or grind them into micron or nano size. 

    Root is not only the manufacturers of bead mill machine but also manufactures of the zirconia beads. Our manufacturing range of the beads are 0.1mm-50mm 95% zirconia beads. As the supplier of both the mill and the beads, we could make sure that the beads and the mill are in good quality and have no excuse to say it is the problem of the other one when one of them is having problem.